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Our effective and proven method

Building your new home is what we do; and as such we look forward to discussing its construction and scheduling with you.

Concept® Homes will develop blueprints of your new home that incorporate your family’s specific needs.

Concept® Homes will complete the following work for you: blueprint development, mortgage applications, design revisions, architectural control approval, development applications and building permits.

After the blueprints are drafted, qualified designers and suppliers will help you select your  kitchen cabinets, counter tops, floor coverings, wall colours and exterior textures.

The Concept  surveyor places survey pins in the corners of your lot and wooden stakes at the corners of your house. Then, the Concept excavator digs a hole for your home’s foundation.

During the foundation phase, a cribbing crew pours concrete footings and foundations.

Once the concrete is dry, contractors spray a moisture-resistant barrier on the foundation wall and places the weeping tile.

Our crew backfills dirt into the trench between the excavated hole and the concrete foundation wall. During this stage, utility companies place utility services and gas lines in the trenches and connect them to your home.

At the framing stage, suppliers deliver lumber and skilled carpenters create floors, walls, closets, staircases, window frames and roofs. They also install the windows.

Plumbing, heating and electrical specialists install plumbing stacks, vents, water lines, heating ducts, electrical wiring and the electrical panel.

A Concept crew installs insulation on exterior walls They then apply acoustical caulking and vapour barriers. Another Concept crew covers the insulation and studs in the walls and ceilings with drywall.

Drywallers tape, mud and sand the drywall and then prepare the drywall for painting. Our professional painters apply primer, spray texture on the ceilings and apply your specific paint colours to the walls.

Outside, we wrap the house in a building paper soaked in tar to prevent moisture transfer and then place vinyl siding, stucco and/or brick over the building paper.

Finishing carpenters install your interior doors, window casings, door casings, wood railings, baseboards and underlay. Professional cabinet installers install your kitchen cabinets and bathroom vanities.

Electricians install light fixtures, plugs and switches, complete circuitry, check electrical wiring and inspect wires and breakers. A Concept crew installs the countertops and vanities. Painters return for final touch-up work on the walls and then a crew cleans the house.

A Concept crew lays flooring and installs wall tiles and backsplashes. Plumbers install the dishwasher; finish sinks, toilets, taps, tanks and trims; and test the plumbing. Once the plumbing passes inspection, we lay carpets and/or ceramic tiles, place registers, install a thermostat and check the heating system.

Workers place a decorative cement-based coating called parging on your home’s exposed foundation walls. A crew builds your driveway forms, pours the cement and completes the rough grading.

Finishing carpenters return to install baseboards along the floor areas. Crews install bathroom hardware, mirrors, accessories, doorknobs and final lock packages. Our cleaning team washes floors, vacuums carpets, cleans windows, washes counters and wipes down woodwork. We then complete the final quality control inspection.

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